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Entry fees are for members, for non-members before December 22; for members, for non-members after December 22.For awards, please bring a gift to share (no used socks allowed).Thomas Jefferson Community Center in Arlington hosts two indoor marathons each year, 211 laps on the utterly-flat 200-meter indoor track, making Arlington to only location in the USA to host two indoor marathons.The 6th annual Hawk Indoor Marathon is now in the record books, and ended with a surprise -- two-time winner Chuck Engle didn't win.For more information, please contact James Scarborough at 703-536-7764 or e-mail to [email protected] Sun Gazette staff writer Jay Jacob Wind published his first novel on December 9, a techno-thriller entitled "The Man Who Stole The Sun," available now on Amazon Kindle.Written in style of the TV show "24" and set entirely in Arlington, the suspenceful story revolves around three Arlington runners planning to run Marine Corps Marathon the next day.Engle, formerly of Arlington and splitting his time between Sterling, Va., and Dublin, Ohio, owns the Guiness Book of World Records listing for the most lifetime marathon wins by an American, with more than 200 wins among his lifetime total of 400 26.2-milers.After 103 laps (12.375 miles) way out in the lead, seeking to improve his own world masters record at the indoor distance, Engle dropped out, claiming indigestion from his pre-race meal of calamari.

C., Leesburg, Rockville, Piney Point, Md., and Vienna to name a few.

I stood at the window next to my co-worker and fellow runner David Nelson, and I said, "I guess we don't get to run tonight." David replied, "No, let's go to TJ." "TJ? So I jumped on the trampoline, hoisted myself up the climbing rope, and pumped about 1,000 pounds of iron.

Then I ran another mile -- 8 laps 9.344 meters -- as a time trial -- in . That was TJ -- Thomas Jefferson Community Center, 3501 2nd Street South, Arlington VA 22204 -- and I've been coming back to train there ever since. October 22, 2017 Arlington's Desta Beriso Morkama, 32, added another jewel to his crown by winning the 42nd annual Marine Corps Marathon in , more than two minutes ahead of his closest competition, Wesley Turner, 31, of Danville, Va., second in , with another Arlingtonian, Kieran O'Connor, 30, third in .

Morkama ran the first mile with Jeffrey Stein, 31, of Washington, D.

C., who inadvertantly ran off the course at Lee Highway and continued onto Key Bridge in the absence of a lead vehicle.

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